What’s Happening With Education in Africa Today?

Here just a few recent events happening concerning education in Africa (and around the world).

Several schools all over the world are starting sister school or fundraising programs with African schools. Students at Coral Creek Elementary School in Louisville held a Valentines Day themed “Share the Love” fundraiser for the Sega Girls School in Tanzania. One of the goals that the students have is to provide desks and chairs for students who have none (Daily Camera). Similarly,students at Byrchall High School in Ashton, UK are connecting with Smiling Valley Intermediate Farm School in South Africa. Both schools do activities together to work on becoming global citizens and teachers from the schools will participate in an exchange visit in the future. (Wigan Today) It is also possible to connect with African students through AIA! Check out our YouTube page to meet four Tanzanian students, hear about their dreams and goals, and write them a supportive message that they will get to read!

Students in Olasiti, Tanzania  receiving a new batch of desks from AIA.

Students in Olasiti, Tanzania receiving a new batch of desks from AIA.

The World Policy Analysis Research Center recently released a report finding that education friendly laws can go a long way in helping children around the world to develop and thrive. The lead author of the report referenced actions such as the increase in widespread free access to primary education as a huge step in improving children’s welfare, but encourages many countries to take this step for secondary education also. He cites the fact that more than 60% of countries in sub-Saharan Africa still charge for secondary education as something that needs to be changed by governments. (Voice of America)

Finally, on Thursday, February 14, the Fund for Girls’ Education in Mozambique was launched by the government of the UK. The fund has budgeted about $9.3 million “to assist about a million girls living in poverty to improve their lives through education”. The project will help with monetary support as well as raising awareness about the importance of girls attending school. Girls’ education is needed to help break cycles of poverty, empower young girls, and protect women’s health. (All Africa)

– Haley Aubuchon