What Your Donation Can Do

Progress on the new classrooms.

We are in the process of building two new classrooms for Olasiti Secondary School in Tanzania.  These classrooms will house a number of students and allow them to continue their education past the 6th grade.  The cost of building a new classroom is $6,000, money which is put to good use both by creating a place for students to learn and by supporting local suppliers and workers who build the classrooms and construct needed supplies like desks.  It is our goal to fundraise the cost of these two new classrooms, totaling $12,000, by the end of 2012.  The James B. Kisgen Foundation will match all donations made before 2013 up to $6,000, so now is the perfect time to donate to AIA and help us reach our goal.

Your donation will be doubly effective in supporting our efforts.  No amount is too small.  If you would like to see what your donation to AIA can do then keep reading.

$10 – One math set with enough pencils, pens and notebooks.

Students receiving a new batch of desks.

$20 – Two packages of cement that will go towards building a classroom.

$40 – One multi-student wood and metal desk.  Desks are hugely important for our students because without desks they carry empty paint cants and buckets to class to sit on.  Desks give them a specific space to learn and work.

$100 – Five sheets of window glass, used to make five windows.

$500 – One bathroom for students $1,000 – Two solar panels, one battery, and three bulbs. These panels provide light so that learning can continue even after the sun goes down.

All lit up at night!

As you can see, any amount can do something for someone in Olasiti.  There has never been a better time to support AIA, because of the donation matching program.   Through the end of 2012 the funds for one desk will become two and two packages of cement will become four.  If you are interested in supporting AIA and participating in the matching program you can donate here or fundraise as an AIA Ambassador here.  Many thanks to everyone who have already participated in the matching program and our supporters at the James B. Kisgen Foundation.

– Haley Aubuchon