Our Response to Bombing in Tanzania

Yesterday, we learned of a tragic event that occurred on Sunday in Olasiti village, Tanzania, a village that Achieve in Africa has worked with very closely for nearly five years. Yesterday, at around 10:30 am, a bomb exploded at the entrance of a Roman Catholic Church that was opening for the first time and was being visited by the Vatican’s Ambassador to Tanzania. Incidents like this in Tanzania are rare, and officials believe the attack was aimed at the Ambassador, who was not hurt in the explosion. We are deeply saddened by this attack, which killed two and injured up to 60 other villagers.

Classroom Building Built by AIA at Olasiti Primary School

Classroom building built by AIA at Olasiti Primary School, next door to the church that was bombed on Sunday.

The church is located next to Olasiti Primary School, where Achieve in Africa has built and renovated multiple classrooms. Achieve in Africa’s current project is building Olasiti village’s first secondary school, which is located just several hundred yards from the church. At this time, we do not yet know if any of our students were injured, but the entire village is in our thoughts and prayers as the community is recovering from this tragedy.

Our Project Director, Alex Marti, who lives in Olasiti village, was at the scene during the time of the incident. Thankfully, he and his family were not hurt. He accounts that he saw a man throw what appeared to be a rock towards the crowd at the entrance of the church. There were approximately 300 people there at the time. The individual who threw the bomb was caught by the people in the crowd and is now at the Police Station. Alex and his family are appreciative of all of our prayers and thoughts. He also mentioned that many leaders from the main government are coming to the village and that the President of Tanzania is expected to visit today.

In light of these events, the Achieve in Africa team has reflected on our work that you have made possible. The schools we are supporting are made up of students from all backgrounds and faiths. By supporting education in this village, we have given students of all religions the opportunity to study, learn, play, and laugh with one another peacefully under one roof.

Those responsible for this incident wanted to scare people. Rather than take a step back, we want to take a step forward. This act makes our team more determined to provide this village its first Secondary School, as this attack reinforces the need to have children learning together under one roof.

We can do this through your support today by asking you for a donation.

Pass this along to friends and family, and please help us respond with an even greater purpose in supporting this village through education.

Thank you,
Brendan Callahan, Co-founder & President, Achieve in Africa

Pamoja, Tutafaulu – Together, We Will Achieve