Thoughts & Prayers after Tragic Bombing in Tanzania

Tanzania bombing church

Children of Olasiti village learn in a classroom built by AIA.

This morning we learned of a tragic event that occurred yesterday in Olasiti village, Tanzania, a village that Achieve in Africa has worked with very closely for nearly five years.  We are deeply saddened to hear that an explosion killed two people and injured 30 other villagers at the official opening of the new Roman Catholic Church in Olasiti village.  The Vatican’s Ambassador to Tanzania was attending, but was not hurt.  We have reached out to our Project Director who lives in the village, and are awaiting a response to verify his and his family’s safety.  We keep all those injured and affected by this horrible act in our thoughts and prayers.

Alex Marti, AIA's Project Manager in Olasiti village

Alex Marti, AIA’s Project Manager in Olasiti village

UPDATE: According to our Project Manager, Alex Marti, who lives in the village and oversees the construction of AIA’s projects in the village, the explosion occurred around 10:30 AM on Sunday.  It occurred at the Church that is next to Olasiti Primary School. Alex was at the scene when a man threw what appeared to be a rock towards the crowd at the entrance of the church. There were approximately 300 people there at the time. The individual who threw the bomb was caught by people in the crowd and is now at the Police station. Alex and his family are unhurt, and they are appreciative of everyone’s thoughts and prayers. Many leaders from the main government are coming to the village, and the President of Tanzania is expected to visit tomorrow.