Five Ways To Celebrate Africa Week!

This week (October 14-20) is Africa Week! It is already Thrursday, but there are plenty of ways that you can get still involved and celebrate!  Here are five:

Afrographique by Ivan Colic

1. Learn – Here at Achieve In Africa we strongly believe that education has the power to change lives, so use the reminder of Africa Week to learn.  There are countless ways and places to learn about Africa, but here are a few recommendations: If you are interested in education, check out AIA’s own posts of facts and stats on education in Africa here and here.  If infographics are more your thing check out Afrographique by Ivan Colic. There are tons of informative and interesting images on everything from African GDP growth rates to South African animals.  For breaking news visit CNN Africa.  Visit your local library and check out a book or watch a documentary.

2. Share – Have you read a good article or seen a great video about Africa lately?  Are you inspired by Africa Week or interested in a particular issue or region?  Do you just want to let everyone know that you are thinking about Africa this week?  Share it!  Talk to us on AIA’s Facebook page, @achieveinafrica on Twitter, or by commenting on this blog post.  We would love to hear your thoughts, share resources, or answer your questions.  Then, take it a step further and tell the world.  Tweet using the hashtag #AfricaWeek to join the conversation.  Post a Facebook status with a fact you think is interesting or a link to this blog post.  Sharing doesn’t have to take place online either, tell a friend, family member or co-worker that it is Africa Week!

3. Connect – For many of us Africa is physically and can seem very far away.  Many of us haven’t been there or don’t know anyone from Africa, so feeling a tangible connection is hard.  The good news is that you can connect with African students in Tanzania right now! Watch these videos of Olasiti Secondary School students Beatrice and Lushwa talking about their education and their goals for the future.  Then, leave a comment of encouragement, support, and positivity for these bright and hardworking students.  They will see every comment that is left for them and you will see their reaction when they do.  More videos of Olasiti students will be premiering in the coming weeks so you can keep up this connection even after October 20.

4. Donate – Want to really make a difference this Africa Week?  Donate to an organization that works on the ground to make a difference in the continent.  Cheka School and Cheti both support education in Tanzania.  Charity: Water works to bring safe water to 20 countries all over the world, including Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia and other African countries.  They have over 6,000 projects funded to date. Achieve In Africa would very much appreciate your donation to help us build two new secondary school classrooms in Olasiti, Tanzania.  Your support would be doubly effective this Africa Week, since the James B. Kisgen Foundation will match donations up to $6,000 through the end of the year.  Click here to donate to AIA.  If you want to donate and wear a cool Africa Week themed shirt, check out aQuaint Apparel.  $16 from every t-shirt sold will go to AIA’s current projects.  Get yours before they sell out!

5. Remember – Celebrating Africa does not have to end this week.  Achieve In Africa works every week to improve the educations and the lives of Tanzanian children.  Keep learning, sharing, connecting, and donating.  This Africa Week is just the start.

– Haley Aubuchon