Blast From The Past – AIA’s 2011 Fall Newsletter One Year Later

Last year, on October 27, 2011 AIA’s fall newsletter debuted on this blog. The newsletter features AIA’s progress and accomplishments.  AIA has made so much progress since the fall of 2011 and I am so excited to contrast last year’s updates with what is going on this year.

Last July, AIA leaders and volunteers took a trip to Tanzania to renovate seven classrooms.  These classrooms are now up and running and have been outfitted with many new desks to allow students to have their own workspace and stop them from having to bring empty paint buckets to use as makeshift seats.  Read more about the locally produced desks here.

Progress on Olasiti Secondary School

In the last newsletter, the new project we mentioned that our newest goal was to build Olasiti a secondary school, to allow students to continue their learning past the sixth grade.  We are excited to report that ground has been broken and progress has been made on these new classrooms.  We plan to continue expanding Olasiti Secondary School classroom by classroom to accommodate more and more students.  You can meet some secondary school students, hear their stories, and leave them encouraging comments (which will be delivered to them) through AIA’s videos.  Go say hi to Esha, Lushwa, and Beatrice!

Classrooms with electricity!

One of the most exciting updates to share is that both the primary and secondary schools in Olasiti now have electricity! In the 2011 Fall newsletter we shared that the Community Learning Center in Olasiti was outfitted with solar panels to provide the building with electricity.  The Community Learning Center is no longer the only building in the village with electricity!  Solar panels have been installed at Olasiti Secondary School and Olasiti Primary School has been hooked up to electrical wires.  This year Achieve In Africa truly has brought brighter futures to the students of Olasiti.

Achieve In Africa has made a huge amount of progress in the past year and shows no signs of slowing down.  Thanks to everyone who has supported our progress and made this possible.  If you would like to help bring classrooms, light, and desks to students to facilitate much needed education, donate to AIA or become an AIA ambassador.

Stay tuned for even more updates in the Fall 2012 newsletter!

– Haley Aubuchon